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Kagoma Village -Hoima Diocese
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Rev.Josemarie L.W.Kizito
P.O.BOX 34 Hoima
Uganda (East Africa)
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Birth of the Centre:

On the occasion of his silver jubilee celebrations in the Ministry,13th May 2003,Rev.Josemarie L.W Kizito,with the blessing of his Bishop Rt. Reverand Dr.Deogratias Byabazire and friends from different parts of the world especially the missionaries of St.Columban's society of Japan region and their associates ,not forgetting Mr and Mrs.John Marie Toone,Sisters Patrick and de sales Horgan in Ireland ,Mrs.Lydia Yoneyama and her group,FR.Sato Franco and Shinmeizan-Kumamoto,the Miyauchi Family ,Mrs.Hisako Ukitah and Fujisawa Church - Hoima group ,Kumamoto-Ken,Chibadera-machi Church and Wakayama Pref ,decided to found as a small souvenir a project like this for the poor and suffering refugees at Kyangwali. With the rich and health experience of the founding priest acquired from the different assignments both in the nation and abroad, the priest was able to assess the apparent problems and needs affecting the refuges community. To which a project like St.Patrick's Centre was important to alleviate such problems.

The centre humbly started as a tree shed project in the bush in Kyangwali refugee settlement ,on the feast of our "LADY OF ALL NATIONS " 1993 Rev. Josemarie led a prayerful procession dedicating the initial beginning of the project to Her care and guidance, but with the determination ,hard work, selflessness of the founding priest coupled with the commitment of its poor and suffering members, the centre has been able to establish modest facilities and structures from donations and contributions realised from friends and sympathizers both in Uganda and abroad. The priest at the Centre ,is assisted by three religious sisters ,who belong to the Ugandan congregation known as Sisters of St.Theresa of the child Jesus, based in Fort-Portal Uganda.


The Centre is found in the remotes part of Hoima District in the western part of Uganda ,nearing to the lake Albert which also has branches in the Democratic Republic of Congo. One travels by murrum road for which is approximately 88km from Hoima the nearest town to the settlement ,through a long tropical forest called Bugoma to reach St.Patrick.The institution, is situated right in the middle of the settlement for refugees called kyangwali,which is 91.48 sqkm wide.

Since the 1960s the Government of Uganda with the help from UNHCR gazetted Kyangwali area for the occupation of the refugees and their related developmental activities .It was formerly first occupied by the Tutsi refugees from Rwanda as early as 1960s.In 1994, the Tutsi repatriated back to Rwanda after the most known tragic bloody civil war in the history of man kind in which over one million nationals of both Hutus and Tutisis were massacred through the popular Rwanda genocide! Thus the Hutus who managed to survive the bloody rein of terror escaped and settled in Congo for a short period and when the war erupted in Congo in 1994-1995,the same group of people (Hutus) and the affected congoleses migrated to western Uganda .Its from this point that UNHCR office in Uganda identified them and settled them in Kyangwali settlement.

To date, the refugee population in Kyangwali settlement continues to rise due to the civil strifes and war situations in the surrounding countries like the DR Congo,Sudan,Rwanda,Burundi,Ethiopia and most resent from Somalia. Not to mention some displaced persons from the Northern parts of Uganda who came following their relatives after surviving the atrocities caused by Kony's LRA rebel group.

The latest refugee population statistics conducted by the prime minister's office in the settlement as at May 2007,show a significant increase in the number of refugees to over 4275/19110 with the Sudanese refugee population dominating other refugee ethnic groups.
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The institution :

St. Patrick's Centre for Integral Development (SPACID), is a church based non-government organization founded with its major aim of improving the well-being of the refugee community, as well as those organizations such as, the Government of Uganda, local and international NGOs such UNHCR ,and friends whose interests and entire vocation is focused on helping all refugees especially those of Kyangwali.But all the service s rendered at St.Patrick's just a trifle supplement to the enormous work done by the Government of Uganda, as well as UNHCR who are fully, constitutionally ,responsible for the total welfare of the refugees. Ours is just a sign of Christ's presence among the poor of the poorest! Thus fulfilling what St.Paul commends in (Hebr.13:1-3).

Our Motto:

Our motto is "THAT WE MAY LIVE TOGETHER".St.Patrick institution is a pastoral Centre ,a modest place not only for spiritual growth but also for the pschosocio development of the refugees. It is a home for all categories of people regardless of their faith, tribe or race ,or any other cultural background .Therefore ,St.Patrick is a Centre for integral Development (SPACID) for the good of all people, that together we may build a decent, lovable and liveable society