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News and Announcements

Participation of Rev. Kizito in the

The year 2007 was quite a miraculous for St. Patrick's Centre. Many wonderful events took place one of which was a delightful surprise when the Director, Rev. Kizito was invited to the Asian Rural Institute in Japan as one of the main presenters in an International Symposium at Asian Rural Institute on Peace from Soil which took place from 4th - 10 September 2007 at the institute in Nasdushisbara-Tochigi-Ken-Janpan was organized and sponsored by UNSCO / Asian Pacific.

Rev. Kizito's topic in the Symposium was "Food Security and Conflict Management" which left every participant satisfied and challenged by the worldly conflicts and their undesirable consequences to man kind and global development. Below is a copy of a resolution and declaration which was signed by all the participants and presenters after the symposium.



We resolve to be instruments of peace, within ourselves, within our homes, within our communities and to be advocates for peace and justice in the world.

Peace begins within and peace is possible when there is food on the table. Peace within a human being, peace of mind, and peace within a community, all require that basic needs are met so that there is security of life and livelihood and the opportunity for physical, mental and spiritual health. Without freedom and justice there cannot be peace. We hold that human beings should have freedom of speech, freedom to vote in fair and free elections, self-determination and freedom from discrimination. We pledge to work to overcome discrimination based on ethnicity, tribe, nation, race, gender or economic status. We seek a world where harmony, co-existence and cooperation replace militarization, gun culture and domination by force, in order THAT WE ALL MAY LIVE TOGETHER.

As Rural Leaders we have special opportunities to be instruments of peace. In working with the soil, producing food and working to create a healthy environment we understand that all life is dependent on other life. We need each other in order to thrive. Working together for sustainable and abundant life from the earth we come together in rural communities, farmer's cooperatives, agricultural training, places of worship and NGOs which support the needs of rural people. In this work we become experts on community building. Through these communities we will provide a foundation for building peace and cooperation on a grass roots level.

Rural Leaders also face special challenges to peace. Poverty and lack of control over local resources, lack of political power and gender-based victimization are critical problems. When communities are powerless and young people are denied adequate work and income they are more susceptible to the lure of armed factions. Most youth resist, but still can be victims of unsafe village life and the examples of violence all around them. Additionally, in remote areas people often are victimized by armed groups, forced into military groups, drafted as soldiers by governments and placed in danger by competing military forces. We resolve to raise our voices to change priorities of governments and other armed groups to peaceful productive activities. We will form coalitions to raise awareness of opportunities for peace and security in our communities. We will work to encourage the study of peacemaking, conflict resolution and mediation and we will advocate that people make peace a priority of life.

The Asian Rural Institute, September 2007, Peace from Soil

Adopted by: Rev. Dr. Tony Dr. Cupit (Australia), Ms. Sobita Mangsatabam (India),
Mr. Nobokishore Urikhimbam (India), Rev. M. Sumamananda Tero (Sri Lanka),
Fr. Josemarie Kizito (Uganda), Mr. Ardhendu Chaterjee (India), Mr. Thomas Mathew (India)
Rev. JB Redding (USA), Rev. Megumi Enomoto (Japan) and the 2007 Class of ARL

Beth Heckel donates a piano

Beth Heckel and her daughter Aimee from U.S.A COLORADO lovely land, attended a church service at St. Patrick's Centre integral Development on the date of 19-8-2007 . It was a wonderful service in which she, Beth Heckel with her rich heart donated a piano to her loved refugee son John Paul Amani and also to be used by other youth at St.Patricks.The purpose of the donation was to proclaim the gospel and to develop the talent of the youth in the settlement. It's quite a remarkable contribution towards the life of the refugees.