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News and Announcements

11/10/2011. bishop arichardo ramirez from the united states conference of catholic bishops (usccb) and members of usccb’s committee on migration visit to st. patrick’s center- kyangwali refugee settlement.

Bishop Arichardo and his team(visiting team) was welcomed into Kyangwali Refugee settlement by Rev. Fr. JosemarieKizito at the gate that leads to the settlement at exactly 4:00 pm together with the sisters of St. Patrick’s Center and a seminarian- ArichardoMuzahura.
Upon entering the refugee settlement, Rev. Fr. JosemarieKizito took the Bishop and his visiting team around various organization offices. Beginning with was the Commandant’s Office (O.P.M), after they proceeded to UNHCR office, AAHI and finally had a brief meeting with all organisations in the UNHCR piot.
Shortly after this brief meeting, Bishop Arichardo and his visiting team which  included; Ms Anastasia Brown, Kevin Appleby both of USCCB Committee on immigration as well as Mr. Jack Norman CRS Country Representative, they proceeded on towards St. Patrick’s Center.
On arriving at the gate of St. Patrick’s Center, the welcome mood sounded almost must greater than that at the first gate that led them into the settlement. This was because they encountered the Christian Community( Refugee Christian Community) which was eagerly waiting for the Bishop and his visiting team that evening.
The Christian community through a procession led them into the home of St. Patrick (St. Patrick’s Center).
The Bishop and his colleagues were happy and happy and greatly impressed by the community that welcomed them joyously singing, dancing, shaking flowers and tree branches.
After that warm welcome, he and his team were led to the Chaplain’s office
(Rev. Fr. JosemarieKizito).
Therein, the Chaplain briefed them on what takes place at this Center and the Refugee Settlement of Kyangwali at Large.
At 7:00pm, the Bishop was led to St. Patrick’s Sisters’ Convent where he had mas with the Chaplain, Sisters and a few Christians of the Refugee Community.
The preaching of the Bishop put much emphasis on the most significant part in a human being. This part is the human heart from which love springs” God desires our love for him that comes from the heart”.
He said, the Bishop further said that we should always love our lord Jesus Christ with our whole heart.
Immediately after the mass, he left the convent for dinner as earlier on organized. This being a very significant event in the settlement and most importantly at St. Patrick’s Center, the various organizations within the locality were also represented at dinner.
This was organized to show the partnership between St.Patrick’s Center and the other organization within the settlement. Such organisations included: staff of UNHCR, ARC, FRC,NRC,O.P.M and Red Cross.
More significantly, it led Fr. Peter Isingoma the Parish priest of Rwemisanga with a few of his staff also bless the meal with that might blessing, serving started.
Upon concluding dinner, the program controller requested the Guest of Honour through the chaplain to say a word to the people. In his talk, the Chief Guest appreciated the hospitality of the people exhibited toward them and finally gave the final blessing, which ended the function.
On 12th October 2011 in the morning, the Bishop had mass with the entire Refugee Christian Community in the main hall. Thereafter had breakfast at 8:00am to plant a memorial tree in the middle of SPACID’s compound.
It was after planting the memorial tree that he traveled back to Kampala via the Bishop’s house Hoima to chat shortly with the Bishop of Hoima.

Sem. Rev. Arichard MUZAHURA Atwooki
Pastoral – Spiritual year 2011
St. Patrick’s Kyangwali Refugee Settlement,
1st November 2011

It was a very exciting news when in July 2011, the Director/ Chaplain SPACID of Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Rev. Kizito was selected to be one of the country’s outstanding official and senior scout to attend the 22ndWorld Scout Jamboree which was to take place at Rinkaby in Sweden.

As you may notice, this